Announcement: Switch to a new GPG Key

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Use 5D5BD2BB606BE4B60714162307000ADCB05A5BC4 instead. You can also get the key from Ubuntu Keyserver or

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From: Yuuta Liang

My old GPG key (Fingerprint: F99854A5DAA0D15DF2FEF89CBCD2B4B9E853C284, complete key block: Note#1), has been deprecated on Jan. 19 / 2023 00:10 PST, in favor of the new GPG key (Fingerprint: 5D5BD2BB606BE4B60714162307000ADCB05A5BC4, complete key block: Note#2). The old key is no longer used and is not considered secure anymore. Please switch to the new key instead. The new key will be available for download at both keyservers and

This message will be signed using both the old key and the new key.

Yuuta Liang Jan. 19 / 2023 00:10 PST

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